Sunday, 14 April 2013

sydney +++

James Blake - Our Love Comes Back (Overgrown)

i love him more than ever
i do like a woman of SUBSTANCE

MELBOURNE with Benny and Julie ***

the wonderful THIRD DRAWER DOWN

One last drink and an Oporto Bondi burger for the road....what a beautiful trip

Friday, 12 April 2013

hello! long time no see, i have been back in update you...

pre-trip coffee in the public loo, yes, that's right: ATTENDANT on Great Titchfield St, as shown on BBC News, does amazing coffee and cakes... 

And next on the restaurant list is...THE FILLING STATION, aka Shrimpy's...wanna GO!

letters from the kidzz, aw:

 and finally: H O L I D A Y S!

dinner with my favourite Berlinerin

* * *

S U N N Y  D A Y S


breakfast at Maltby St

outrageous outfits

pre-flight drinks

goodbye london, see you in two whole weeks...

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